The Perfect Warehousing Solutions to Cater for all your Needs

Nairobi Warehousing has come up with a unique proposition – “pay for what you use ” For example: if a businessman imports one 20 ft container, he pays only for the space occupied. When some goods are sold, the businessman pays only for the warehousing space occupied which save your rental costs.

We know that our success depends on the success of your business. We have a vast network that will reach out to your business and provide you with the most essential as well as efficient logistics services for business growth. We have professionals who understand the company's objective and they work to fulfill it.

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Offering excellent services while maintaining the highest code of professionalism is our principle objective. We value our clients, and our sole purpose is to offer the best services. In this regard, our excellent services make us the most preferred warehousing solutions company.


Why spend more on renting a long term space when you can rent space for short term and pay only for the warehousing space used? You, our valued customer pays only for the warehousing space which is occupied. We offer competitive prices of our services to fit all your business needs, whether you require long-term or short-term warehousing solutions.


We attend to your needs on a more personalized level. If you are operating a business in Nairobi and you require Warehousing Services, get in touch with us today!

Proposition for SME's

Pay for what you use! – This is a unique proposition or the SME’s in Nairobi. Most SME’s are faced with a challenge to store good temporarily awaiting delivery. Some businesses import goods into Kenya, but have to temporarily store these goods awaiting completion of construction of their premises. These businesses need a place to temporarily store their trade stocks – and we provide the right solution!

Mr. Kamau imported some goods for sale. Due to quantity discount offered by the supplier, he decided to import a 20ft container into the country. However, his shop in River Road was not big enough to store the goods inside the premises. He had to look for a temporary place to store the goods while he took orders for the supply of the goods. What better solution than to use Nairobi warehousing solution! He only paid for the goods that were stored – This means that:

1.Mr. Kamau didn’t have to look for and sign a long term lease to store his goods.

2.Mr. Kamau’s rental charges keep on decreasing every month – depended on the amount of goods that he stored in the warehouse!

3.Mr. Kamau was in control of is business! More time to manage his business rather than spending time and energy managing his stock inventory; worry about transport, security, etc.